So, occasionally-but-all-too-often, our friends get hit by cars while riding their bikes. Just in the last month Sam had his Rogers totaled by a fellow cyclist who happened to be driving a car that day, Graeme from The Sticky Bidon took a serious dive into the pool of cold steel and asphalt (we're wishing him a speedy recovery!), and Seal (of #treadlycx fame) had her now unreplaceable fancy carbon race bike destroyed in a fistfight with a 2-tonne demon that also left her with a fractured hand and unable to work for weeks on end.

These incidents happen so regularly that they have become facts of life for people who ride bikes in this (albeit pretty friendly) city. Safe cycling infrastructure can't come fast enough and when it does, nobody has any idea how to drive around it (I'm looking at you, Frome St. bikeway) - and cycling near cars can be terrifying enough when they're acting predictably.

I wanted to tell the story of this Lightwight Urgestalt build, but it all feels a bit too silver-lining-ey, especially when the bottom line is that having this fancy new bike does not give our friend back the time she spent unable to ride, work or play, nor does it make up for the time it will take to feel confident riding in traffic again (as most of us know too well).

This is a beautiful bike that we should never have had to build, but we're grateful that Seal's back on the bike.

Bike Check:

Lightweight Urgestalt frame kit inc. fork and seatpost, Campagnolo tubular race wheels and King R45s to HED Belgium C2s w/ Schwalbe Pro Ones for everything else (built by Gemma Kernich at the #shedofrage), Power2Max w/ carbon Campagnolo crankset, Record 11 group, S-Works stem, Adamo saddle, Zipp SS SL carbon bars, Lightweight tape and cages, and Phil Wood QR skewers.