Craig had a pretty vivid image of what he wanted when he got in touch with Tarn at Primate - visions of old Malvern Star dragsters with all the trimmings he could think of and plenty of orange. The curved double top tube is a testament to Tarn's gift with steel, a gift he's since turned to making bike-part-themed espresso machines

Paul's Klamper brakes were rumoured for release while the frame was being built but it wasn't until the frame was well and truly itching to be built up before they were in production and on their way to us. Once Craig heard about them he couldn't even look at another brake - it was these or nothing!

The Brooks Flyer's lower stabilising bar is the perfect place to temporarily mount a Supernova tail light, which will eventually be more permanently mounted to a custom fat trailer that Craig is welding up himself for his two kelpies, Ginger and Treacle.

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