Every treadly is individual, and as unique as its rider. It could have come from anywhere: clean and pristine off a shop floor, or covered in rust and spider webs from a backyard shed. It has had parts removed, adjustments made, and had many additions over time. A treadly can be for the daily commute or that very special weekend roll. Show us your treadly!

Treadly Bike Shop is a retail and bicyle restoration store, specialising in urban commuter, cyclocross & touring bicycles and accessories. Treadly stocks a range of single speed, fixed gear, geared and classic style bicycles and parts, bags, apparel, and helmets, as well as a children's range. Along with offering the latest in local and overseas products, Treadly sources and restores preloved bicycles for sale. 


From a leaky shed to Adelaide's best Place for local business, Treadly has slowly been pedalling away to help people enjoy bicycles and to make the bicycle a functional, comfortable, versatile and hassle free part of your lifestyle and/or daily routine. We also aim to show Adelaide how a bicycle can simplify the way we commute, explore more on weekends and most importantly how a bicycle can put a smile on your face.

From those humble beginnings in the back shed, Treadly's focus is transparent. We are a no bullshit shop that will repair, restore, re-build, and sell only what we would use and do use. We will always endeavour to give the best service to you and your bicycles. Treadly prides itself on being friendly and providing an inviting atmosphere.

Treadly will seek to find the best solution for your bicycle needs. From repairing the 1970's "clunker" dragged out of the shed, restoring the old man's steel roadie from his racing days, a quick brake or gear tune, to fully servicing to your pride and joy. Perhaps you are new to riding bicycles and just looking for advice on what to buy, we can help you roll in the right direction. All too often, people tell themselves they don't like cycling when they really just don't like the bike they're on - which is where we come in. Treadly is here to enhance your riding experience by creating the best setup for you, a bicycle you can enjoy for the rest of your life that can rekindle the magic of cycling for you.

One of our favourite things to do for our customers is what we call the dream bike build. We already spend hours poring over the latest and greatest in bike parts, custom wheels, new frame builders and the powerhouse builders of old - so why not take advantage of that. We are your search engine, and a more reliable place to ask "Will this work?" than any of the forums online, and we take pride in bringing some of our favourite companies and parts to your attention. At the end of the build process you've got a completely unique bicycle to your needs, your style and that will be with you for years to come.

We pride ourselves on treating our customers, our community and the environment with the respect they deserve. We source products made by local independent businesses where we can, or international companies which strive for not only quality but sustainability in their manufacturing processes, and who we have built strong relationships with. Read more about the brands we stock and their individual philosophies in the "BRANDS" tab.