Christmas Turkey

Welcome to 2013 from the crew at Treadly. 


It has been a pretty full on last six months in and behind closed doors.

The Boucle de Burbs was a great success, with over 100 peeps turning out to ride the lanes and back alleys scattered throughout Adelaide's suburbs. If you missed it in 2012, no worries 08/13 isn't to far away.


Have been working on some pretty nice bicycles lately...

Which I will most more of each week.


You have probably noticed if you have popped in, Emily in about to pop! We are expecting our first late January, and will be closing for a couple of weeks. We will still be contactable through

If you are thinking of coming in, maybe call ahead on 8232 0158 to see if we are in. 


I will be posting more regulary this year, with new goodies, rides and events for 2013. 

...Get on the DOLPHIN EXPRESS... 

In the mean time ride heaps!

Sam Neeft