The end of a calendar year always brings reflection and we have to say, we’ve certainly enjoyed this one. In and out of the shop, we couldn’t have done it without your continued support - and for that we are incredibly grateful.

January saw us flat out for TDU week with a great Swap Meet in the street, a great day for bargains that will this year be replaced with our MAKER event, a little expo of some of our favourite Australian artists and brands within the cycling world. February ramped up into ‘Mad March’ as always, and we made some lasting friends from around the country and around the world who were here to work the Adelaide Fringe. 

We started riding on Wednesday nights in March, and decided we wanted to set up a casual road ride that anyone could come out on without fear of being dropped - thus began the Lazy Wednesday. A little core group made it through winter riding every week, a mix of road bikes, cross bikes and tourers and the group only grew as the weather got warmer and the days longer.

We were cold and wet through winter, but when it came to the Swift Industries Solstice Campout the weather turned around and gave us two days of sun for our ride to Port Elliot and back overnight. Some beautiful views rewarded us on those loaded, gravel climbs and some beautiful donuts rewarded us at nearly every bakery along the way.

A bumper Boucle De Burbs field took to the streets in August and took over Adelaide's laneways for a day, with great costumes and some excellent bikes making for a seriously enjoyable day on the bike - food by Delectaballs and coffee by Velo Espresso kept us buzzing along.

We were so hooked on the overnighter that we organised another one for October, heading out to Mount Crawford and again hitting the loaded gravel climbs - putting in work to get there and home with a few tag-alongs riding fixed through the hills for the first half!

We installed a new, bigger workshop late this year to give us more room to take on more restoration, repair and custom build work and we've teamed up with Bicycle Log Book to streamline that process for you, making it easier than ever to book your bike in for a service or a repair, and to keep track of your bike's servicing history.

The silly season kicked in early and has seen us flat out for about a month now, so it definitely feels like the break over the new year is necessary - we’ll see you when we return on the 11th of January.

Happy holidays and as always, ride safe and ride heaps from the Treadly Crew!