A friend of a friend came into the shop one day saying he'd heard about "these Curve bikes from Melbourne?" and I was all ears. Since the first production run of 4130 Grovels around a year ago, all we've seen of Curve have been a handful of drool-worthy builds online and a couple of bikes that were on show at MAKER earlier this year. We see plenty of their excellent carbon wheels come through (mostly on Rogers Bespoke builds), but we've not been able to get our hands on any of the Ti beauty they've been bringing in - until now!

Will is not a small guy by any stretch of the imagination. He rides what might be the biggest Trek I've ever laid eyes on (I think I measured its headtube no less than three times while we were sizing him up - making sure my eyes weren't playing tricks on me!) and so to get a bike in a corresponding size meant waiting a few weeks for Curve to get a Jumbo Grovel CXR back in stock. We threw a Chris King headset in it and paired it with their CC 30s Road Disc wheelset, knowing it could take the punishment of the backroads of the Adelaide Hills where this beast is to spend most of its time. A Thomson finishing kit (Master Piece post, Elite X4 stem and Carbon Mid-Compact bars) and a Shimano mixer group (RS-505 shift levers paired to R795 calipers, Ultegra mid compact crank, BB, front and rear mech, and a 105 11-32 cassette, for all the bike nerds) make this the perfect platform for us to get Will out in some backcountry on, and in a considerable amount of style. We finished with Clement Strada 32c rubber for now with some more dirt-friendly tyres to come, and Fabric's incredible Silicon Tape on the bars - not to mention the Fabric ALM saddle that almost acts as some kind of space-age crown jewel. 

As always, we hope to see this bike very soon once the fit's a little more dialed with the change in riding style from Will's roadie, mostly so that we can get it working the best for him and a little bit because we just want to see it again. 

Thinking of something similar for yourself? Come in and have a chat to us about which Curve frame will suit your next build best!