It’s always busy when the Tour Down Under rolls into town - it’s a great start to the year for Adelaide’s cycling community with friends from all around the country coming to town to ride their bikes for a week and catch some racing. We had grand plans to ride every day, get out to a couple of stages, and finish big with a group ride to Willunga on Saturday and MAKER on Sunday. 

As it happened, we didn’t get to ride as much as we wanted to but we still had a ball, with plenty of old and new faces through the shop saying hi and picking up a fresh cap or pair of socks to set themselves aside from the rest of the bunch. We took some locals and some not-so-locals up Norton Summit Road on the first day of Summit Coffee Pedlars - DeGroot coffee being served at the top of Adelaide’s favourite climb, what more could you ask for!

We went for a recount of the previous week’s Lazy Wednesday loop on Monday with even more new faces, all of them singing the praises of Adelaide’s beautiful, rolling, accessible hills and our quiet roads - then we did it all again on Wednesday night!

By Thursday we were all feeling the effects of trying to keep up with interstaters and keep the shop functioning at the same time, so we had some long days in the store to line everything up for the Saturday Willunga ride and MAKER on the Sunday - the week had proved an exercise in just how much you can stretch a tiny shop’s opening hours, with many nights seeing us still open at 8pm for the last-minute-clean-socks-on-the-way-home-from-the-pub purchase.

Our hard work paid off, with over a hundred cyclists joining us in Ebenezer Place for the MAAPxTREADLY Willunga ride and 20-odd happy Australian stallholders taking over our street for the first year we’ve held MAKER - an exhibition of the best and brightest in Australian cycling.

We had a blast meeting you, riding with you, hearing about just how good we have it here and how you wish you could move here. Thank you to all who visited us last week, and to everyone who came on a ride or picked something up at MAKER - you are the ones keeping this shop and this community alive, and we owe so much to you.