October 19, 2018 3 min read

This month at Treadly!

We want to keep you up to date with everything we're doing this month at Treadly. New products and brands, upcoming events and a workshop update, this is all your Treadly news in one place!


Oh boy, do we have some new stuff in here this month. New to us are the beautifully precise Titanium MOOTS frames all the way from Colorado, the absolute pinnacle of metal frame manufacture in the current day. 
We're waiting with bated breath to receive our first shipment of Bombtrack's 2019 bikes, and in the meantime we just landed a massive order of socks from The Athletic Community!

Welcoming MOOTS to the Treadly family!

Since 1981, Moots have been handcrafting custom bicycle frames in Steamboat Springs, Colorado. It's not often that a custom bicycle brand sticks around for that long, let alone one that has so much integrity; from their innovative frame designs dating back to the introduction on the YBB soft-tail back in 1987 to their recycling and environmental protection practices now, we are proud to be a part of the Moots family. They are sticking to their guns in an industry that feel increasingly interested in making a quick buck more than a good bike, and we aspire to hold ourselves to that standard, too.

Get to know a little about MOOTS over on their website!

If these new bikes from Bombtrack were gum, they'd be Big Red!

(because they're so hot)

Honestly, Bombtrack have slung together another wicked year of new bikes, and added some smart tweaks on their existing range along with some more streamlined design cues across the range and a couple of fancy new colours. We just sold the 15th pre-order bike from our order of 45 bikes coming in, which means 1/3 of our incoming stock is now spoken for - with nearly 3/4 of the Australian allocation of bikes presold to shops, it's easy to imagine yourself missing out on a bike if you wait until they're here and built up to let us know what you want. 

Check out the bikes we've got on the way here!

Happy to have you back, The Athletic!

We've been big fans of everything that The Athletic Community have been about since their inception - inclusiveness, effortless style, and cutting-edge sock tech. We're very happy to bring them back to Australian shores with fast and cheap shipping Australia-wide straight from us, and we'll be doing our best to keep up with stock as fast as they sell as The Athletic are committed to making it easier for you all to get into their socks and apparel whenever you want! Keep an eye out for when we launch the Australian chapter of the Sock Club subscription, too!

Get your grubby little hand on some fancy socks in the webstore!

Servicing and Workshop!

With the weather starting to clear up, it's important to get your bike checked out before it's too late! Riding in wet weather is inevitable over the Winter months, and can do some nasty things to everything from your chain and cassette to your brake pads (and rims!), and even the bearings in your hubs, bottom bracket and headset. If serviced regularly these things should never fail on you, but with extended use once the grease gets pushed out by water ingress, bearings and races can rust out and fail without a moment's notice. Book in for a Family Pack today and get your bike running like new with the peace of mind that you're not riding on borrowed time! We're currently taking bookings with around 3 days' notice. Get in touch by email or give us a buzz on the shop phone to book your service now!

Book your service now!