April 05, 2018 1 min read

We can't believe it's already been a year since 2017's Swift Campout to Mount Crawford! This year's campout will head south but won't quite make it to Mt Magnificent, instead stopping short in the Kuitpo Forest at Woodcutter's Cottage. 

While officially the event takes place on Saturday June 23 into Sunday June 24, we've booked the 11-bunk cottage for the minimum of two nights and included the Sunday night too! If you're a person who was thinking about the campout but were unsure of whether you had adequate kip gear, you may now sleep soundly in the knowledge that you can book a bed for the weekend for $20! 

What this DOES mean is that there'll be a route there (Saturday), a route back (Sunday OR Monday), and an OPTIONAL middle day of cruising back roads from Kuitpo down to Mt Compass and back. All of the .gpx files and routes for all options will be made available HERE and more info about what the Swift Campout is about is down below!

Head on over to Swift and sign up here:


Treadly will also have limited Swift Campout merchandise available arriving at the end of May. Be quick!