Oveja Negra - Lunchbox Handlebar Bag, Wack Pack

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Oveja Negra make some of the best bikepacking bags going around, and they're cheaper than most of the competition! These Wack Packs are an excellent way to stand out from the serious bikepacking crowd without losing any of the functionality of a serious bikepacking bag, while simultaneously thumbing your nose at the idea of matching everything to everything, all the time. Plus, they're made from scraps from other bags so, like, go you for saving the planet.

We've found the Lunchbox Bag to be an excellent front-end sling for an 8-13L dry bag on its own, or a perfect little pocket to run on top of your existing handlebar bag. It's a great size for snacks, a camera, maybe an extra layer, a tiny little section of pool noodle... really whatever you wanna carry in it, it's your bag!

Note: All Wack Packs are wacky in their own way. If you want to know exactly what you're getting, email us and we'll send you some photos of the bags we have in stock.

  • Vecro One-Wrap handlebar positioning points
  • Exterior gear loops for added carrying capacity
  • Nexus cam-locking buckles
  • X-Pac VX21 waterproof fabric construction
  • MIL-spec webbing and binding
  • WEIGHT: 5 oz.
  • MADE IN THE U.S.A. of domestic and imported materials

***designed to be run in conjunction with the Front End Loader dry bag mount***