Bombtrack 2020 Bikes - now available for pre-order!




Every year when it comes time to announce the next model year's catalog, Bombtrack Bicycle Co. adds bikes nobody thought they would, refines existing bikes in the range, and leaves popular models that ain't broke to not get fixed. This year is no different, with Bombtrack 2020 proving a huge year for the brand in terms of both the range of the bikes they're putting out into the universe, and the number of new models! Whether you’re chasing a dedicated bikepacking bike, a CX race bike, a Columbus steel gravel bike, a bombproof commuter, or a bike that’s totally different from anything else any of your friends have got, there’s something in this year’s Bombtrack Bicycle Co. range for you.

We’re proud to bring you another year of Bombtrack, with some seriously cool evolutions of existing bikes like the Hook ADV (Adventure? Advanced? Who knows!) and the Audax AL growing from the Hook EXT and the Audax, respectively; the addition of T47 bottom brackets on the majority of the steel off-road bikes; a revised Arise range making your foray into CX easier than ever; and a more useful commuter range in the Arise Geared and Outlaw with an all-new front platform rack. More bikes are available in framesets than ever, and the stock builds on the “older” models have got smarter and more useful, especially on bikes like the Hook 1 and Arise Tour.

We have a record number of bikes earmarked specifically for us here at Treadly this year - which is the stock you see available for pre-order below. Any additional bikes may be available from Australian stock with Link Sports, or for pre-order from an incoming container of stock. Get in touch if the bike you want seems already sold out! We will be uploading the 2020 range as it comes available. In the meantime, checkout the 2019 bikes below. Some if these are still available at great prices!

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