SQlab Innerbarends 410 2.0

The existing „bulbous“ design of the current 411 Innerbarends® will in future become the new 410 Innerbarends® and thus the comfort variant. The shape has been slightly improved for comfortable gripping.

The 410 Innerbarends® are compatible with every grip and every handlebar on the market due to the new, intelligent design of a sleeve in the clamp.

For more comfort on longer rides, the 410 Innerbarends® are the perfect choice. These make it possible to change the grip position while riding and thus ensure relaxation of the neck muscles and hands without the wrists bending uncomfortably.  In the end, the change in grip position has a positive effect on performance. 

In addition, Innerbarends® fulfill an important safety aspect, especially in road traffic. Because in contrast to the classic barends, the brake levers can be gripped permanently, despite the changed grip position.

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