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June 25 & 26 marks the second of what will undoubtedly be endless Winter Solstice Campouts inspired by Swift Industries - one we're stoked to again be a part of. This time we'll be heading North instead of South, hitching a lift on the train to Gawler first thing on Saturday morning to ride the back way to the Murray River at Mannum. Sunday will see us climb up Pym Road out of Tepco and back over the Lofty Ranges via some of our favourite roads - soaking up some of the best vistas the Adelaide Hills have to offer. 

This will be an unsupported ride, so you will need to either bring individually or organise within the group to bring food, water and shelter for the night in Mannum. There will be water refills available throughout the day but we recommend carrying no less than 2L, and you should make sure you come prepared for inclement weather down the river. 

Though we are talking about two 100km days in a row, loaded up with gear - you needn't worry about pace or whether you can do it! We're not the kind of people who'll leave you behind in the middle of nowhere, and the pace of the day will be very slow. We anticipate an average of no more than 20km/h with plenty of regrouping and longer breaks spread throughout the day. 

If you have any questions, please feel free to email, or head over to the Facebook event and ask away!