We can't believe it's already been a year since 2016's Swift Campout to Mannum! Last year we rode straight past Mount Crawford Forest and it reminded us how great a place it is - so we're heading back. Our shortest and (hopefully) easiest route to date means this is the perfect opportunity to get into riding your bike for more than one day at a time!

Join us on Saturday, June 24 for a 60km, kinda dirty ride to camp. We should arrive mid-afternoon , so you'll have plenty of time to explore the forest, build a fire, cook a three course meal, or just relax in the wilderness. We'll be taking the Mawson Trail home on Sunday, so make sure your brakes work - you don't want to be attempting Stone Hut Rd without proper stopping power!

Hit 'Going' on the Facebook eventsign up on the Swift Industries websiteand sign up for a free account on to join our ride on there!