Tokyo Bike Bisou // DEPOSIT

Tokyo Bike Bisou // DEPOSIT


Bisou features seven speeds and is the most laid-back model in our range. 
It is a unisex bike, suitable for anyone who prefers a leisurely ride. In particular, this bike allows its wearer to ride easily without traditional 'bike-friendly' clothing. 
The Shimano Trigger Shifter system allows for simple and efficient gear shifting, and this bike is especially well-suited to baskets and carriers.

If you're interested in purchasing one of these excellent bikes, get in touch with us at, or head on over to Tokyo Bike Australia to get an idea of what's currently available into the country! Deliveries times range from 1-2 weeks. 

Pricing starts at AU$850.00 for a Bisou Tokyo Bike.Your deposit ensures we will work with you to find a bicycle from TOKYO BIKE that will suit your needs!

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Bisou Specifications

Price: 850.00AUD (incl.GST)
Frame: Full Cr-Mo steel
Gears: Shimano 7-speed with Shimano M310 Trigger Shifter
Wheels & Tires: Silver rims and black / ivory tires (HE 26×1.15)
(some colors fitted with all white tires)
Details: Upright handlebars with brown grips, brown saddle and a silver kickstand.
Weight: 12kg (42 cm)

Size Guide

420mm (S)  4'8" - 5.2'" (142-158cm)
500mm (M) 5'1" -5'9"  (155-175cm)
550mm (L)  5'8" -6'1"  (172-185cm)

*See here for more details about sizing

There are many accessory options to make your tokyobike special. Treadly Bike Shop staff are also happy to suggest accessories that might particularly suit the model you have chosen. Please feel free to contact us for the further assistance.