1. It is not the name of Brooks which makes the saddle good, but the saddle, and its excellence, that makes the name supreme. (1912)

2. We believe, and are convinced that all riders will agree, that a comfortable saddle is one of the greatest, if not the greatest asset to real pleasure cycling. (1921)
The wise man who is taking up cycling in any form , or changing his style of riding, due either to age or inclination, will exercise great care in the selection of his saddle. (1926)

3. BROOKS’ SADDLES have a world-wide reputation, and in every country are acknowledged to stand pre-eminent, and neither pains nor expense will be spared to retain this enviable position. (1901)
No saddles are like Brooks. Even copies have not the detail improvements which we are continually introducing and it goes without saying, they have not the QUALITY, COMFORT, and STYLE. (1904)

4. Many kinds of leather would be utterly unsuitable for saddles, and of the correct kind, very great care has to be exercised to select skins suitable for Brooks tops. (1925)

5. Quality First – Price Afterwards (1910)

6. The manufacture of Brooks Saddles is in the hands of those who posses an unequalled experience in their work. (1912)

7. Since we first began to make Cycle Saddles, our aim has been the BEST of EVERYTHING -The Best Materials -The Best Designs – The Best Constructions, that experience, skill and money can procure. Brooks Saddles excel all others. (1903)

8. A Poor Saddle is Bad Economy.(1906)
A cheap saddle is the first component of a cheap machine to show its weakness. (1933)

9. Warning - It is as well to be assured that the saddle you buy as a Brooks bears the name Brooks at the rear; it may save you considerable disappointment. (1914)

10. All genuine Brooks Saddles are prominently marked with the name “BROOKS”. (1898)
The name ”BROOKS” implies perfection. (1905)


The Brooks range of Cycle Bags “are made only from high quality materials which have been exhaustively tested. Each bag has been carefully designed after a study of the practical needs of the individual cyclist”. This statement of our company philosophy was described in the 1952 Brooks Catalogue, and these guiding principles remain just as true today.
The Brooks range encompasses bags for shopping, commuting, and travel, as well as highly practical accessories, born out of research in the considerable wealth of archival material retained by our company. Brooks Cycle Bags are developed to meet the different needs of the Cyclist.


"Whilst not giving an extra guarantee beyond the legal terms, we emphasise the fact that BROOKS Products are made throughout of the best material to be obtained, which, combined with experience and careful workmanship, and constant testing, is the best and safest guarantee that can be given." 
(An Excerpt from The Brooks Book for Cyclists, 1907)