• Easy to mount, requires no tools
  • New patented FLIP-TIP™ attachment system
  • Fits every standard rail saddle, also with carbon rails
  • Suitable for tire widths between 30-50 mm
  • Great for gravel

"When things go wrong in space, they go very, very wrong..." 

Together with Valencia-based artist and illustrator ENISAURUS we set out on a journey that would take us to the center of the universe, encountering hostile alien blobs, planet bubbles and time warps on the way. While struggling to make it back to planet earth, Enisaurus still managed to document our odyssey in a series of illustrated ASS SAVER Big that will tell the tale to future generations!

We fell in love with his compelling mix of visuals and odd characters. Shortly after our first contact, it became clear that we also shared a passion for space, astrophysics and, stories about evil red mutant blobs. What better platform for a Kollaboration could you find?
Staffan Widell, Ass Savers’ co-founder

It was an exciting and super fun experience working with the Ass Savers team, and you can see that in the results, I couldn’t be more happy with how the mudguards look. I really hope the riders enjoy the universe that I made. Put some space between you and the mud!
Enisaurus, Artist & Illustrator

Designed especially for wide tires, the Ass Savers Big is here to protect you from mud and dirt all day long. Use it with your MTB, gravel bike or your daily commuter, it doesn't care!

Find out more about the collaboration between Enisaurus and Ass Savers in an extensive interview here.

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