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An adventuresome, adaptable and playful steel all-terrain bike! 

The most recent addition to the Bassi family is an off-road touring machine designed to be your faithful do-it-all companion be it on long excursions in the backcountry or on local singletrack outings. If the Hog's Back is their All-Road Tourer, the Coyote is their All-Terrain Explorer! Run it rigid or squishy up front, single-speed or with a cake plate-sized cassette, pack just enough snacks for the day or load it down with all the supplies you'll need for your next bikepacking adventure.

Inspired by early morning rides before work, the washboards and sand pits of the Baja Divide, the ATV trails on the TransGaspésie, the Panamanian jungle on the Cruce del Istmo, and exploring new terrain close to home and in the middle of nowhere. Its balanced geometry will have you feeling like a mountain goat on the most massive climbs, yet inspire confidence when things get hairy on the way down. Its agile handling invites playfulness on the trail, be it on perfectly engineered flow lines, classic northeastern-style choppy cross country trails, single-day marathon events or multi-day bikepacking trips.

The Coyote gets its name not only from the adaptable North-American canine living in our backyard, but also by a ranch of the same name found somewhere along the Baja Divide in Mexico. Truly an oasis in the middle of the desert!

As a mild disclaimer here: this bike is designed to be an off-road tourer, not a mountain bike, even though it feels like one and can take some real abuse from the roads and trails. It is not MTB-rated, meaning it's not suitable for jumping and dropping, huckin’ and enduroin’, red bull rampagin’ and triple black diamondin’. Keep the rubber side down and you should be a-ok.



  • Tubing: 4130 Chromoly
  • Headset standard: ZS44/EC44 (not included)
  • Rigid fork crown diameter: 30mm
  • Fork spacing: 110mm, 15mm thru-axle
  • Rear spacing: 148mm, 12mm thru-axle
  • Brake standard: I.S. disc
  • Bottom bracket: 73mm BSC
  • Chainring max. 32t (1x)
  • Seatpost diameter: 30.9mm
  • Seatpost collar diameter: 33.1mm
  • Bottle cage eyelets: 2x double eyelets on frame, 1x triple eyelet on frame, 2x triple eyelets on fork
  • Rack eyelets: Yes, rear
  • Suspension: Rigid or with 120mm suspension travel, front only. Rigid fork included with the frame




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