Brompton Folding Bike Deposit

BROMPTON are by far the best, most convenient and most well-thought out of the folding bikes in today's market. Having engineered a fold that not only protects the drivetrain but is secured from coming unfolded during transit (in the 80s, no less!), BROMPTON have slowly but surely improved upon that first design to bring you their latest update, MY17.

An updated handlebar shape accomodates more ergonomic shifters and brake levers, and the rest of the bike stays very much the same as the tried-and tested bikes we know and love.

You'll choose from one of 4 handlebars shapes and heights, one of 9 gearing options, and whether you'd like fenders and/or a rack on the back or not. A myriad of colour options will be available to you, and soon enough you'll be on your very own BROMPTON.

If you're interested in purchasing one of these excellent, all-purpose bikes, get in touch with us at info@treadlybikeshop.com.au, or head on over to Brompton Australia to get an idea of what's currently available in the country!

Pricing starts at AU$2069.00 for a basic, M handlebar, 3 speed bike with fenders. Your deposit ensures we will work with you to find a bicycle from BROMPTON that will suit your needs!