Butchers & Bicycles - MKI-E Cargo Bike

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The ultimate family cargo bike with car-like comfort.

Safe and fun

Because the MK1-E leans into the turns it's both fast and safe at the same time. The 3 wheels makes the cargo bike stable to ride with kids and the ability to lean makes it comfortable and safe on uneven roads and while turning.

Perfect for kids

Having your kids in front of you is great. They are safe and comfortable at the same time. When the Mk1-E leans into the turns it is a natural and thrilling roller-coaster sensation, that brings smiles to all faces.

No sweat to ride

Going uphill or riding long distances? With the integrated and powerful Bosch Performance CX motor, you can easily get with your kids and groceries without breaking a sweat.



  • MK1e MY17 Base Model White 400Wh
  • White Box with Door Upgrade
  • Child Back for Two
  • Glove Box
  • Hood with Skyview
  • NuVinci & Gate Belt Drive Upgrade 
  • Supernova E3 Lighting Pack


This is a customers Cargo Bike purchased in May 2018. If you would like to Test Ride a B&B Cargo Bike please get in contact with Treadly. Delivery of these Cargo Bikes from Copenhagen is 12-16 weeks.