Brompton x CHPT3


Turning a new page in the Brompton and CHPT3 story, the latest collaboration brings a fresh dynamic to a proven partnership. One founded on fun, practicality, and high performance. Drawing on our previous three collaborations with David Millar of CHPT3, we turn to page 4, and the horizon broadens. 

While mainstream cycling media and industry focus on traditional activities such as road racing, off-road riding, and, more recently, virtual riding, a global community has been growing under the radar. Folding bikes that can be stored in apartments, carried onto the metro and on buses, thus enabling urban meet-ups, back-alley racing, picnic adventures, and smile-inducing performance. To own a Brompton x CHPT3 is to belong to a community of like-minded riders from Indonesia to Indianapolis, a community that is powered by new members like you

Made for speed
Handbuilt titanium and steel frame. All the practicality of a Brompton in a lightweight and performance oriented form. More than 1.5kg / 3.3lbs lighter than the original bike.

Superlight, compact gearing system
The Brompton 4-speed system* for rapid urban acceleration and nimble climbing ability. With a 60-gram derailleur, meticulously engineered to fit inside the narrow fold.
*patent pending

A fast and light wheelset
Designed and tested to stand up to daily use in the city, in all weathers. On superb tan-walled Schwalbe One tyres for optimal grip and maximum style. With weight-saving Tubilito inntertubes.

Finishes touches
The bike’s finish takes inspiration from urban materials. High-shine Gloss Winter Sky and textured Concrete Grey are complemented with Fire Red and Aqua Teal accents. The Brompton x CHPT3 captures the feeling of inner-city riding.

Mainframe: Gloss Winter Sky
Rear frame: Textured Metallic Concrete
Front Fork: Textured Metallic Concrete
Handlebar Stem: Textured Metallic Concrete
Front Frame: Gloss Fire Red
Handlebar pin: Gloss Aqua Teal
Glitch effect decals

Brompton x CHPT3 Specification
Handbuilt titanium and steel frame
Superlight 4-speed gear system
Low handlebar
Premium aluminium touch points
Schwalbe One tyres – Tanwall
FizikTerra Argo Saddle
Ergon GE 1 Grips
Tubolito lightweight inner tubes
9.5 kg / 20.9 lbs

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