Chrome Industries DKlein Water Bottle designed by Dustin Klein

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Everybody drinks water, right? Now you can drink water and know that Dustin Klein, professional drawer of squiggles on things, drew on the very bottle you're holding in your sweet little hands. Well, he didn't draw on the bottle, but he did draw on something that then got digitised, sent off to the Purist lab and printed on a hunk of BPA-free plastic for you to put your liquids in.

Not to mention, don't we all wish we bought... like... everything that Cadence put out? Now instead of paying $80 in shipping for a jacket you'll wear a handful of times around people who won't get it, you can get yourself a DKLEIN accessory that you'll use and refill 4 times a day, if you're doing this "drinking" thing right. 

Go on, you deserve it!