Gazelle Orange C8

Gazelle features the Impulse 2.0 system

The Impulse 2.0 engine is the latest pedal assist system from Germany and delivers a maximum speed assist of 25km/h as per Australia's e-bike regulations.

The Impulse 2.0 motor is particularly suitable for the recreational and commuter cyclist. The system provides both the optimal pedaling assistance for everyday journeys as well as helping on longer weekend rides. The combination of the performance of the Impulse 2.0 motor with Gazelle's legendary quality ensures an optimal and smooth cycling sensation.

Impulse 2.0 Motor, Battery and Display information

The Impulse 2.0 system has four sensors, which measure accurately how hard you ride, how many revolutions are made with the pedals, how much force is thereby applied and measures when you are changing gears. When you cycle up a hill, the sensors will detect this and the engine responds immediately. The powerful engine will deliver extra torque to compensate for the loss of speed. The engine is therefore used according to your cycling requirements so that no energy is wasted.


Having the motor positioned in the crank area has 3 advantages;

  • The engine sits in the middle of the frame and the bottom bracket so the bike has a low center of gravity and is more stable.
  • An engine that is connected directly to the crankshaft gives a very powerful support, because the force is concentrated at one place.
  • The engine, sensors and electronics are all together. It is a robust system with minimal cables and cords so the risk of failure is reduced.


The battery of the Impulse 2.0 system is located under the rear rack. The battery can be easily removed from under the carrier and plugged into the small charger plugged into a wall socket. If you have the charger on hand, you can charge the battery anywhere. As standard, the C8 comes with the Gold Impulse battery. In 2015 the Platinum battery will be available as a $300 upgrade on the $4,199 RRP price.


The display of Impulse 2.0 provides you with useful information and is very easy to read. The display provides information about the distance cycled, battery capacity, speed and is back-lit.

The display is operated by using a practical remote unit on the handlebar. It lets you keep your hands on the grips and still operate your bike, which increases your safety.