Hungry Big Lunch V 2.0 Bikepacking Bag

You asked, we provided. The Big Lunch is now a convertible handlebar/front roll/saddle/BUM Bag! It's now the ultimate transformer of the bag world!

How did we create this absolute feat of sewn goods engineering mastery? Dunno! But here it is!

What's different from V 1.069?

Our proprietary HOT WINGS waist strap system now tucks away behind a sneaky extra layer of ultra comfortable 4mm Air Mesh!


So you can attach this bad boy to your bike!


With the two included Voile® Nano-straps! These are the ultimate in strap-things-to-your-bike technology. They're 6" long, have a non-marring nylon buckle, and they're ROCK SOLID!

What else?

There's also an ultra-secure thicc elastic loop included to wrap around your headtube, or wherever else you wanna make it fit!


WHERE else?

Fits great on:

  • Handlebars of all shapes and sizes!

  • Brooks Saddle bag tabs!

  • Around the front of your bikepacking front roll!

  • Hanging from your basket!

  • In the "Loop" of Jones H-Bars!

Is it okay off the bike?

The big lunch is still a super sweet fanny pack / bum bag / oh god I'm so sick of typing all the different names / cross body bag! Simply pop it off the bike (very quick removal!), un-tuck the straps and you're on your way! Take it to the beach, the bar, the park, the rave, the wherever - Big Lunch has you covered.

Tell me more!

Big Lunch has a floating liner! What this means is that there is no direct path from outside the bag, to the inside! Water has to somehow find it's way between the two layers, and then through another seam into the main compartment. In other words, it's gonna take AGES! Nothing sewn is completely waterproof, but water sure is gonna have a hard time getting in.

Capacity-wise, Big Lunch is a bout 1-4L when rolled down, or a total of 9L when unrolled. Obviously unrolled means your stuff might fall out. So I'd say a max safe volume of about 5-6L. Enough for extra layers, spares, snacks, all that jazz.


1000d Nylon- This stuff has a thick PU Coating on the inside and a DWR coating on the outside.

X-Pac VX21- This space age futuristic laminate comes straight from sailcloth giant Dimension Polyant. It features a 210d Nylon face fabric, laminated with an X-ply reinforcement and a waterproof PU layer. It's next level. I love it.

X10- A classic canvas face fabric laminated with X-ply reinforcement and a waterproof membrane. I love this too. So much.

Canvas- I use 11oz water resistant canvas. It's got a super nice matte finish and will age amazingly.

300d Polyester - This is the lining of the bag. It's fluro yellow. It's waterproof. It's good.

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