Hungry The Muncher Handlebar Bag

Back by popular demand!

The Muncher is the world renowned and internationally recognised bench-mark in high-performance bikepacking handlebar mounted feedbags, made right here in Australia! Who would have thought!

The Muncher is an absolute chonker of a feedbag with a whopping 1.7L capacity! Yep, read it again, 1.7 LITRES! Fit your entire camp cooking setup + food in it! Obviously that's very dependant on what your setup is, but if I take a few liberties and make a few assumptions then TECHNICALLY that statement is correct.

So what's new in Muncher world?


Yep, you read right. The Muncher now features the GOLD STANDARD of single-hand operated cordlocks! Pull the (patent pending) FLURO YELLOW REFLECTO CORD to release tension up top. Pull the (patent pending) BLACK BUNGEE CORD to tighten! EASY AS THAT! Perfect for cold winter mornings or when you're just chasing a convo starter on the commute ("Hey check this out, CYBERIAN Cordlock. Cool huh?" (don't do this)).

Sweet, right? Munchers are very 21st century now and ready to hold all your stuff secure and in sight.

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