Poler - Pendleton Napsack

Poler x Pendleton The Napsack. This movement-enabled sleeping bag cranks up the fun in a way never previously known possible. Whether lazy or hard-working, you can always lounge in the full sleeping bag or cinch it up for on-the-go comfort. This historic creation even caught the eyes of Pendleton, who collaborated with Poler on the final design. The Poler x Pendleton Napsack is the burrito suit you didn't even know you wanted, but rest assured it's going to improve your down time.

Product Details


Synthetic  Soft Microfiber Body

Leather Tabs to Cinch the Hood


Medium  29" shoulder / 15" hood / 73" body / 26" foot

Large  32" shoulder / 15" hood / 77" body / 26" foot


All packed up in the stuff sack, the medium Napsack comes in at 18" x 8." Add a few inches in length for the large Napsack. If you throw it inside a compression sack it easily packs down to 8" x 10."

Rated to approximately 50 degrees

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