Tokyo Bike - Promenade Handlebar 25.4 x 580mm Silver

Promenade style handlebars allow for a more upright posture.

  • Dimensions: 580mm (L), 25.4mm (centre diameter, where handlebar is attached to the stem)
  • Comes with Bisou model tokyobike
  • Great alternative for CS, Mini Velo or SS model tokyobikes

The Promenade Handlebar is our most relaxed handlebar style, with sweep-back sides allowing cyclists to ride in an almost completely upright position. This handlebar is perfect for people who are happy to cruise around their city, or those who find that sitting up straight is the most comfortable riding style. Promenade handlebars are a popular option for tokyobike CS, SS or Mini Velo riders to swap to, if they want their posture to be more upright. 

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