SILCA Impero Ultimate Frame Pump

You know how there are things you know you should own, but you hope you never have to use? A frame pump is kinda like that. This frame pump, however, is the one you're almost glad to have to use! Imagine if your jumper leads smelled like bubblegum when you had to jumpstart your car, or if your Metrocard played the "Knight Rider" theme song when you tapped it, how much better would those tedious tasks feel?

If you're looking for something that'll make you almost glad you flatted mid-ride, look no further - this is the cream of the crop!

For sizing, measure the inner distance from tube to tube along the underside of your top tube (as long as that's where you want to put it!) and choose the size range that suits. For best results (and less likelihood of it falling out and getting all beat up on the road), we recommend an extra strap around the top tube to retain the pump when things get a little hairy.

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