SQLAB 621 ErgoLux Active Infinergy Saddle


Perfect support
The raised tail provides more support at the back, resulting in a more efficient power transfer.

Comfortable riding position
The undulating shape of the ERGOLUX® stretching from the stern to the front corresponds perfectly to the mostly bulbous ramus of the ischium. The enlarged, less selective contact surface, provides for a best possible pressure distribution within the ramus of the ischium.

Lower saddle nose
The lower saddle nose relieves the pressure on sensitive areas of both men and women alike.

SQlab active system comfort
The SQlab active technology enables lateral movement of the pelvis of up to 7 °, which, from a biomechanical viewpoint is similar to running. This increases pedal efficiency and, above all, comfort. At the same time, the intervertebral discs are relieved and mobilized. The lateral movement can be adapted to the rider's weight via the Comfortsticks

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