Swift Industries Scout's Motto Tool Roll

Like scout master Yoda said, “Prepared you must be, young cyclist, always.”

Keep your road-side survival tools organised and at the ready with the Scout Motto Tool Roll. With pockets designed to perfectly fit a multi tool, tire levers, patch kit and spare tube, everything rolls up in a neat bundle held together with a velcro tab. Use the buckle strap to secure the roll under your saddle, or keep it closed in your bag.



  • Measurement folded: 5.5″h X 12.5″w
  • Tool Slot quantities + widths: 2- 3.75” w, 4- 3” w, 2 – 2.5” w
  • Weight: 5 oz


  • 1000 Denier Cordura™
  • Packcloth liner

Cool Features:

  • Closure system is independent from attachment system
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