Tribe Evamos Longtail E-Cargo Bike

The swiss army knife of bikes. Turn the chore into the experience with room for up to 2 kids (maybe even 3 if they squish up!). Use the innovative MIK mounting system to quickly turn your bike from kid hauler to cargo hauler and back again. All in a bike barely larger than a regular bike.

The Tribe Evamos Longtail is a feature packed bike! We've picked out a few things below but check the full range of features, specifications and accessories here :

Innovative Geometry

The 20″ rear wheel keeps the centre of gravity low when carrying heavy loads (up to 80kg), while the 24″ front wheel helps your bike handle well and smooth out bumps. A low step through frame makes getting on and off easy.

Ultimate Flexibility

The Evamos Longtail has been designed for ultimate flexibility, from carrying kids to pets and cargo, one bike, unlimited possibilities. The rear rack can bolt on 2 x MIK HD adaptor plates (available as an accessory) allowing you to install child seats, crates, baskets and bags that use the innovative MIK mounting system.

250W Motor & 14aH Battery with USB Port

The 250w Mid Drive Motor comes with over 80Nm of torque. It takes you to 25kmh, is near silent and makes riding your Tribe Bike fun! A 14aH battery gives plenty of range for up to 50km riding. When you get where you want to go, use the integrated USB port to charge your phone or hook up some speakers!

Puncture Resist Kevlar Tyres

Getting flat tyres sucks! So we’ve put puncture proof Kenda balloon (2.1 & 2.25 inch) tyres on the bike to minimise your chances of getting caught out and for super comfort.

8 speed Shimano Gears

The 8 speed Shimano Altus gears give you plenty of range to get going, get up hills, and get up to cruising speed of 20-25km on the flat.


Any accessories shown in photos and video are not included in standard retail price. Come in for a chat or contact us via email or phone to discuss accessories so you can deck out your Tribe with what you need from your first ride!   

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