WTB Riddler Folding Clincher Tyre 700c x 45

Built for unfaltering speed through a wide range of conditions, the Riddler 45 delivers added gusto for the rider who finds themselves on the roughest of roads. Incredibly versatile, it expands the horizons of gravel riding and accommodates longer dirt tours with ease.


  • Aggressive cornering knobs meet a low-profile center tread.
  • Designed after the beloved Riddler 2.25/2.4 MTB tire.
  • Excellent for drop bar touring or gravel exploration.
  • Available with black or tan sidewalls.

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USAGE:  CX/Gravel Exploration /Dirt Touring
CONDITIONS:  Dry to Damp/ Hardpack to Sand

Wheel Size Level Weight Compound
TCS Light/Fast Rolling
560g Dual Compound DNA Rubber


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