Bombtrack's statement: 

Bike lovers rarely have just one bike, we all know the amount of bikes you can own is N+1 (N = the number of bikes currently owned) but what if you could have one bike that could do it all? Hm..., yes you'll probably still have more than one bike and this is simply because we love bikes. We love the occasion of riding, the joy and satisfaction from each and every ride. We love having bikes to 'tinker' with, to compete on, to travel with, and of course that long term project bike.

From the moment we started Bombtrack we said we would stick to one fundamental rule, to only make bikes we would love to own and ride, and that's still the case today. 

Check out the range of 2017 Bombtrack Bikes here! & a sneak peek at 2018 here!

Tales On Tyres: Riding The Baja Divide from Bombtrack Bicycle Co. on Vimeo.