Aeroe Spider Rear Cradle

If you’re looking to extend your biking range or carry more gear with ease, consider adding an extra Spider Cradle to your Spider Rear Rack. Your Spider Rear Rack initially includes one Cradle, but you have the option to attach up to two additional cradles, allowing you to effortlessly transport up to 16kg of equipment on a single rack.

These additional Cradles can be mounted either vertically or horizontally and rotated by up to 90 degrees to accommodate various heel and post dropper clearances and bike models. They come equipped with built-in nylon straps that ensure your gear remains securely fastened and evenly distributed on your bike, giving you the confidence to ride without worries.

No matter if your adventure spans just three days or a whole month, your bike gear should never limit your explorations. Let your equipment inspire how far you can push your biking adventures.

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