Apidura Backcountry Frame Pack 1L

A lightweight frame bag for everyday riding and full suspension mountain bikes.

The Backcountry Frame Pack is a versatile, waterproof and reversible bag for carrying tools, spares and supplies on mountain bikes with limited internal frame space.

The compact frame bag is designed for compact frame geometries, with a reversible fit to suit both steep and slack angles. It’s particularly suitable as a full suspension frame pack, creating usable storage space that doesn’t interfere with shocks. With an optional cable port at either end, it’s a convenient way to store light battery packs for Enduro races, creating easy access to tools for daily rides or snacks for longer sessions.

Inside, the mountain bike frame bag features an internal lash tab for securing contents and reducing rattle alongside an interior pocket for valuables. A reinforced structure ensures a stable fit, no matter what shape your mountain bike frame is.
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