BASSI Hog's Back 2021 Frameset

The Hog's Back is Bassi's true all-road loaded touring frame, and we do mean all the roads. This bike has ridden all over, from Montréal's streets to Vermont's highways to Peru's dirt roads, as loaded-down with baggage as you please.

For the curious, if you want to bring your Hog's Back to visit its namesake mountain, it lives in Gaspésie National Park. You can hike up it, but you'd best ask the park rangers before you ride up it, too.

On this third run of frames, we added ED coating to protect the inside of the frame from rust, and we have new colours: matte black, and a super fly purple.


  • Columbus Cromor tubing (frame and fork)
  • Geometry optimized for balanced front-rear load, or front-biased load.
  • Ideally used with swept-back "alt-bars" rather than road drops. If using drops, you'll need a short stem and/or a frame one size smaller, this bike has a long front to it.
  • 27.2mm steapost, 29.8 or 30.0mm seat clamp
  • EC34 headset (1-1/8" standard)
  • 28.6mm steerer
  • Disc brake ISO mounts, 160mm rotor recommended
  • Downtube mounts for shift levers or housing stops
  • 135mm rear spacing, quick-release vertical dropout
  • BSC threaded bottom bracket (1.37" x 24TPI)
  • Higher BB than many touring bikes, so you don't do what Julian always does and break teeth off your chainrings hitting rocks.
  • Includes cable guide for shift cables under the BB shell
  • Kickstand plate (please don't overload the kickstand, we stand by Soma's recommendations for touring bikes and kickstands)
  • Pretty darned rugged weight limits, as far as luggage on a properly installed rack goes. We tested with 26kg of weights in panniers, up and down steep hills, and handling didn't change much, so you're probably good. But be reasonable.
  • So many eyelets, I haven't even counted them. Put racks, cages, fenders, whatever you want on this bike. Keep putting 'em on. No, more than that.
  • Eyelets for a Bassi Strap, too. It's for helping you handle the bike when you've taken the luggage off. Don't try hauling it onto that train with the bike's weight andthe luggage's weight all on the strap, please. You'll hurt the bike, the strap, and probably yourself.
  • Metal headbadge. It doesn't change anything but boy is it pretty and really classes up the place.
  • We weighed a 51cm frame with its fork steerer uncut, with no parts on, at 3.8kg. We don't really worry about frame weights, but some people like to know that kind of thing, so a year into this frame's existence we finally put one on the scale. Turns out it weighs pretty much what you'd expect for a touring frame. A Montréal frame is about 600g lighter FYI, which is the same as a mostly-full water bottle.



SIZE 47cm 51cm 54cm 58cm
Seat tube (c-t) 470 510 540 580
Effective top tube 530 560 590 630
Head tube angle 70.5 71 72 72
Seat tube angle 73 73 73 73
Chainstay 440 440 440 440
Headtube 130 170 150 190
BB drop 40 40 60 60
Stack 519 559 583 621
Reach 371 389 412 440
Wheelbase 1032 1059 1070 1111
Rake 50 50 50 50
Tire clearance 26x2.2" or 650Bx47 26x2.2" or 650Bx47 27.5x2.2" or 700Cx45 27.5x2.2" or 700Cx45


Colours are not necessarily representative when viewed on a screen. Please be prepared to accept slight differences in hue from the colours you see here.

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