Every Day Caddy

When you’re on-the-go, stopping your flow to access your essentials should never be a hassle. The Every Day Caddy is a compact under-the-saddle bicycle bag for your ride’s smaller essentials.

Whether your daily grind is an urban bicycle commute or a post-work trail rip to blow off steam, your kit includes a handful of items you feel naked without. Maybe that’s tools and a spare tube, or a windbreaker and a first-aid kit. Whatever you’re packin’, we fully embraced the EDC ethos to develop the compact, under-saddle Every Day Caddy.  

The Every Day Caddy is made out of Challenge ECOPAK 100% recycled polyester and contains roughly 4 plastic bottles rescued from ocean beaches.

Our two-piece system features an external ECOPAK™ harness which is structured with an HDPE insert, and is quickly and easily mounted with a 15” Swift Strap to your saddle rails and an elastic lash-cord to your seat post. Once mounted, a removable roll-top stuff sack integrates seamlessly with the harness. This allows for lightning-quick deployment and access to your essentials in a low-profile and versatile package!

Shell Choices:
Challenge Sailcloth ECOPAK (EPLX400)
Black EPLX400
Coyote EPLX400
Redwood EPLX400

Also Features:
Challenge Sailcloth recycled polyester bag cloth rip stop (450D) removable drop liner
Nylon webbing
HDPE insert
Fastex buckles

Measurements: expands to approx 9”L x 3.5”W x 2.5”D
Capacity: 1 Liter
Weight:  3.75 oz

Built with
RBC™ 450D

Made in Surabaya, Indonesia and Seattle, WA out of recycled materials


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