DiPell Leather Bar Tape

The reason is skin deep…

Years of evolution have given leather hides a fibre structure that has protected animals and humans from nature’s harshest elements. For this reason, leather products have traditionally had the advantage of durability and weather resistance (rain, cold etc.) over conventional synthetics. Combining over 40 years experience, modern tanning techniques and the latest sports technology, DiPell brings these advantages to its products and more.

DiPell products use sports-tanned leather, designed for high durability, grip and comfort. The inherent fibre structure of this natural product combined with this in-house tanning technique allows DiPell handle bar tapes to be highly resistant to forms of abrasion expected in the world of competitive sports.

DiPell leathers also use sports-specific dyestuffs at a controlled pH, preventing the colour from running or fading. Combined with leather’s naturally breathable structure, DiPell products will disperse sweat and water while maintaining superior grip and leaving your hands feeling dry.

Using our in-house dual tapering system, our handlebar tapes interlock while wrapping. This means once wrapped, DiPell leather tape will not move or lift its edges even under intense use.

The end result is a high-quality, durable handle bar tape that comes at a weight comparable to conventional synthetic tapes.

Key Advantages:

Made from selected hides with no joins, DiPell leather bar tapes are single-piece and completely seamless!

New high tech sports leathers, specially developed for the rigours of serious competition, dispersing sweat and water while maintaining grip and leaving your hands feeling dry for the longest of rides.

Lightened leather bar tape for competition, so you get all the benefits of leather without paying a penalty in added weight to your bike.

A fibre structure only nature can accomplish, making our handlebar tape extremely durable.  The most advanced synthetic manufacturing techniques are unable to match the feel, grip and strength of leather.

Durability that is skin deep, with its inherent fibre structure, in house testing shows that our leather bar tape can last at least five times longer than the best synthetic bar tape. Our leather tape wears in, as synthetics wear out, so you won’t want to change them as they improve with time.

Real sports functionality utilising our dual taper system, so the wrapping interlocks giving the ability to change grip and freely slide your hands along the handlebars without lifting edges.

An interlocking taper system means that once wrapped, DiPell leather tape will not move or migrate even with the most vigorous of use, in fact the more vigorous the use the more it will tighten and adhere.

A selection of colours adds individuality and class so you look majestic while you ride.

Luxurious feel of leather, you won’t want to wear gloves!

Extremely resistant to scratching and scrapes, so you are not hindered by falls, getting up and back into the competition with zero downtime.

Bar tape that is easy to wrap and strong enough to pull tightly around curves without the risk of breaking.

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